Smart Storage and Transport Solutions

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Rental Pallets

Wooden Pallet Rental

We provide Wooden Pallets on rent. The minimum contract period is 1 year and minimum Quantity is 300 numbers. Our daily rental is Rs. 1.00 only. The cost of transport from Our factory to the warehouse location is on account of the lessee. 



Steel Pallet rental

Steel Pallets provide long life and clean environment. We give Steel pallets on rent on similar terms at Rs. 3.00 per day.


Packing and Moving

We provide professional packing and moving for Domestic, Official and Industrial goods. 


Visit the Movesafe Page on this website. Link

Tata Ace on Hire

We provide Tata Ace on Hire. We work on a transparent pricing model, based on distance and time.


Visit the Movesafe Page on this website. Link

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