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We Make the Best Pallets


Pallets made of Steel are gaining popularity, due to two main reasons:

  1. Wood and Plastic prices are going up. So Steel pallets give better return of investment(ROI). 
  2. The life span of steel pallet is much longer compared to Wooden and Plastic Pallets.

We use Mild Steel in our pallets. CRCA sheets, pipes, channels and angles are used in the construction of our steel pallets.

Plain Steel Pallet

Our Steel Pallets come in standard sizes of 1000mm X 1000mm X 150 mm. The Pallets are made of Pipe and Angle structure. However, most of our products are custom built as per the customer's requirement. Prices start from Rs. 4000

Box Pallets

Box Pallets are of use when your parts are discrete and not packed in carton boxes.  It finds applications in engineering Raw material and Work in process Storage. Our Steel Pallets come with a special rack lock design which allows safe stacking on racks. Prices start from Rs. 8500

Cage Pallet


 Cage Pallets are used for storage of  small parts and loose items. It is  very  useful for storage of work-in-  process  and consumables storage

Self Stackable Pallets

These pallets are designed for Carton Storage. prices start from Rs. 7000

Stack-able Steel Pallet


Self stack-able pallets are kept  one  above the other, thereby not  necessitating racks in the  warehouse  or factory. Prices  start from Rs. 6500

U-rack for Long Member storage



 Pipes, Tubes and other long members  are stored in U-racks. Specially  designed, these pallets are useful for  storage and handling long members.

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The steel Pallets are made of angles and pipes structure. We use high quality cutting, grinding welding and painting process for manufacturing our pallets. 


We have sophisticated software to design the perfect pallet for you. Load considerations, Items to be kept, safety and usability are all kept in mind when we design your pallet.

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